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Do you pin?

  Do you pin?  Those of you who do know that I am not talking about something involving a sewing machine.  “To pin” is the verb attached to the scrapbook sharing site known as Pinterest.  It’s kind of like window … Continue reading

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I want to live here!

In my daily job and online activity I run across photos of beautiful homes all the time. Sometimes they are not my own personal style but I can appreciate the design and other times they are spot on and I … Continue reading

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Peter Piper picked a peck of paisley

Try saying that three times, fast! that I have your attention let’s get down to business. As a child of the sixties I have had a long love affair with paisley so I was pleased to see that it … Continue reading

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You won’t need a glue gun for these five fall home decor projects

Like most people,I am often initimidated by the beautiful and supposedly simple ” DIY” projects that dominate the internet.  I am never able to replicate them so I don’t even try.  But I do get a good laugh over those … Continue reading

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Ten things that made me happy in September

 Flowers always make me happy and this photo of pretty in pink hydrangeas placed in a room by Stacy Mclennan and photographed by Stacey Van Berkel is just so pretty!  This blush pink is my go-to color this fall. 2. … Continue reading

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