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Aaaaaaaand we have cabinets–Part deux

Several weeks ago I very excitedly shared with you the installation of my new kitchen cabinets (read post here).  Since then I have had many people ask me why there have been no updates, photos etc.  I would like to tell … Continue reading

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Small details excite me!

It really is the small stuff that makes things so worth while.  That seems to be my mantra these days but it is so true; like this darling little rug I found for in front of my kitchen sink.  And … Continue reading

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Put me in coach, I’m ready to cook…today

Miracles really do happen and we have proof!  We have a stove!!  While I will not go into the ugly details of why Sears does not install slide in ranges and why certain contractors cannot figure it out, we now … Continue reading

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Aaaaaaaaand….we have cabinets!

The upper cabinets were installed today, drawers were set in place and doors were added to the lower cabinets, all resulting in a set of kitchen cabinets that are, as my late mother would say “to die for”. As you … Continue reading

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