Ugly Christmas Pillows

It’s that time of year…ugly Christmas sweater parties.  These have never been my favorite type of party because it seems like such a waste of money to buy a sweater you will never wear again.  However, in the spirit of environmental friendliness–why not recycle that ugly sweater into holiday home decor by turning it into an ugly Christmas pillow!

In all seriousness, I love holiday pillows and there are some real beauties to choose from every year.  But there are also some real doozies and that is what we are celebrating today—ugly Christmas pillows.  (disclaimer:  ugly is in the eye of the beholder).   What does your eye tell you about these pillows?:

  • If you read my blog then you already know how I feel about the use of octopuses (octopusi?) in home decor.  I must say that adding mittens and some candy cane braid does not change my mind–but the mittens did make me chuckle.
  • ugly xmas pillow octupus with mittens from pier 1

    Pier 1

  • There is something about this pillow that just sets me off.  I mean, I should like it since I like reindeer and I like hot air balloons and I like snowflakes.   But this one is not working for me.
  • ugly xmas pillow sage deer from target

    via Target

  • At first glance this looks like a pretty holiday pillow.  Sparkly snowflakes are always welcome in my home.  But this is one of those new “mermaid” pillows where a gentle rub of the sequins produces an entirely different look.  Remember the dress feud last year involving the sequin dress that some said were gold and others said was blue, or whatever the debate was.  This pillow employs that same concept–rub it and see what you get.  I don’t know about you but I like it when the pillows I set out at night are the same pillow when I awake in the morning.
  • ugly xmas pillow from bed bath and beyond called mermaid sequin

    via bed, bath and beyond

  • Need I say anything about this cartoon pillow featuring a reindeer in a race car.  A whimsical take on the red pickup truck bringing home the tree, I suppose, but pretty ugly in my opinion.
  • ugly xmas pillow reindeer cartoon racing reindeer from walmart

    via walmart

    Do you have a favorite ugly Christmas sweater or ugly Christmas pillow you would like to share?

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