Nautical Nursery for our new grandson and cutest big sister ever!

ella in pink building sandcastles july 2014

My precious granddaughter enjoying a day at the beach

Our family is growing by leaps and bounds.  Our one grandchild very quickly grew to 5 due to the efforts of my two grown step-children.  We recently welcomed a new granddaughter to the bunch and a new grandson is scheduled to make an appearance within the next month.  That brings us to his nursery:

Our son and daughter-in-law live in a three bedroom home where the rooms are large but the bedrooms are rather small.  What was the office had to be turned into a nursery that could perform double duty as a guest room when visitors arrive.  In the before photos you will see a wall of built-ins in a deep mahogany finish, walls painted green and there were dark wooden blinds on the window.

The bedding our daughter-in-law chose (no longer available) was a bit Hampton’s Yacht Club i shades of deep red, navy blue and khaki so we chose that as the theme.  Step-by-step:

  • We removed the built-ins and had a closet created with some built-in shelves added to the side area
  • We painted the walls a soft bluish gray that was matched to the colors found in the bedding
  • We recycled our granddaughter’s crib and rocker and left the teeth marks as evidence of her two years spent in this crib.  (she is now in a big girl’s princess bed)
  • We hung white blinds that allow for light control but look better with the light wall color and white furniture
  • A valance from Pottery Barn Kids was strung onto a white rod fitted with rope finials
  • The existing trundle bed was left in the room but outfitted with a navy blue quilt and an assortment of colorful pillows.  Guests can sleep in this bed but, when not in use it provides a cozy spot for big sister to sit and read a book while baby brother is being fed etc.
  • We stocked the built-in shelves with affordable canvas baskets from Target and added chalkboard tags to identify the contents of each basket.  We also left room for some colorful toys and books and picture frames that can hold photos of the new baby and his family. A large metal basket easily slides under the shelves and holds packages of diapers.
  • A plush navy blue shag rug covers the wood floor and adds comfort and warmth underfoot for those late night feedings.
  • While there is recessed lighting in the ceiling, a torchiere with an attached reading lamp is easier on the eyes.
  • We painted an Ikea dresser and added glass knobs that look like fish bubbles.  A red metal tray placed on top keeps tissues, wipes and diapers within easy reach of the crib.

All of this resulted in this adorable nursery that should be perfect for him for at least a couple of years.  And then Grandma will have to redecorate (oh darn!)

The functional BEFORE

design baby nursery before window wall

design baby nursery before

The precious AFTER

design baby nursery for brendandesign baby nursery whole wall

design baby nursery bed wall light picNow all we have to do is meet him!  Hurry up Brendan!


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