10 things that made me happy in September





I stole this idea from Domino magazine and I love it!  Spend some time thinking of ten things that made you happy this past month.  While it may take some time, it is much better than spending time complaining about the middle east situation, your neighbors dog, the cost of gas, difficult step-daughters or the incessant heat.  So here goes:

  1. The obvious number one thing that made me happy was the birth of our grandson, Brendan Roger Haynie.  While he arrived a bit early he was healthy and everyone is doing fine.
  2. Which leads me into number two which is the time I was able to spend with his big sister, our scrumptious 2 1/2 year old granddaughter Ella Bella.  While exhausting, life through the eyes of a two year old is pretty amazing!

    Granddaughter Ella with her Auntie Jenna  (our daughter) being silly

    Her first selfie!  Granddaughter Ella with her Auntie Jenna (our daughter) being silly

  3. Charger wins!  As any Charger fan knows, it is always a nail-biter but we are on our way!
  4. Saturdays spent with my daughter.  She was gone for two weeks in September for work so what made me happy was her return and a fun Saturday spent shopping, manicures and chicken salad sandwiches at Boudins in Fashion Valley.
  5. I know it is early but hearing Bing Crosby sing “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas” as advertisement for Hallmark Channel’s upcoming month of holiday movies always makes me happy.
  6. Lunch at Costco in the middle of the week with my husband. Semi-retirement does strange things to you like enjoying spending LOTS of time with your spouse, but I say nothing beats Costco hotdogs, pizza and a swirl yogurt before shopping for t-paper and cereal.
  7. Emails from my aunts in Texas and Florida.  With both of my parents gone it helps me realize that I am not really an orphan, rather that I have extended family that I love and miss.
  8. A new design staging job (will share before and afters soon) that allowed me to spend some time near the beach.  Just the smell is relaxing.  And how fun to decorate in a crisp, contemporary style that I do not get a lot of opportunity to do.  Anyone looking to buy a beach house in San Diego?
  9. Orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream all mixed together in one carton. Tastes like those creamsicles you used to get from the ice cream truck when you were a kid.  What ever happened to the ice cream man?  I have such fond memories of hanging on the fence with my nickel clutched in my hand and trying to time it to run out just in time to catch him before he drove past our house.
  10. Air conditioning!  San Diego had one of the hottest months in history and boy am I glad we installed central air in the spring!  I wanted to do the master bath but am so glad we put that off until next summer.  And we learned that having air conditioning sure makes you popular.

So tell me—what made you happy in September?

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Not just for martinis




You might think that the plump green olive shown above is simply meant to enhance your favorite adult beverage or as a snack to be enjoyed during the holidays.  But I am here to tell you that the color of this delectable little snack is one of the hottest home decor hues for the upcoming year.

Olive green is a yellow based green that, surprisingly, works well with many colors.  It is warm and inviting and can be introduced into a contemporary space just as easily as into a rustic or traditional interior.

Check out these olive green home decor ideas:

This collection of fabrics from Robert Allen show how well olive green coordinates with blue, brown, gray, gold and even eggplant.

Pablos Passion from Larry Laslo collection for Robert Allen Fabrics

Love the earthy look of this lamp achieved by the glazing technique and wooden base.

Urn style table lamp from 1st Dibs

Urn style table lamp from 1st Dibs

Also love the mix of colors in this room featuring an olive green accent wall.  Look closely and you will see just about every color in the rainbow–pink, purple, blue and yellow along with a mix of wood tones and metal.   Such a versatile shade of green!

Is this a color you would use in your home?  If so, please share your ideas with the rest of us.  Now excuse me while I mix a martini–shaken, not stirred and two olives please.
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The five senses of decorating


five senses


Next time you decide to make some changes in your home and get stuck with where to begin, put your five senses to work.  What???? you may be asking.

Travel back to 5th grade science where you probably learned all about a human’s five senses–sight, touch, smell, hear and taste.  And in design, a sixth sense is also a valuable tool. More on that later but back to our science study:

  • Sight–an obvious plus in decorating.  Take a good hard look at your space.  Maybe even take a photo of it because you will see things in a picture that you might not notice in person.  What do you want the room to look like?
  • Touch—a mix of textures, metals and other surfaces can turn an ordinary space into a beautiful and tactile wonder.  An example would be a room with a glass topped coffee  table (smooth) paired with a rustic end table (rough).  A fluffy throw tossed over the arm of the chair and a couch piled high with pillows in varying fabrics (leather, embroidery, burlap) adds texture (touch) but is also visually (sight) appealing. A colorful woven rug placed atop a rich wooden floor will satisfy those same senses.
  • Smell–we have all experienced an unpleasant smell when we enter someone’s home.  You know what I’m talking about–litter boxes, dog beds, cooking smells etc.  Even an unscented air cleaner can make a difference but, better yet, find a scent that greets you as you walk in the door.  I am not recommending something like Aunt Betty’s overpowering perfume but something subtle, clean and natural that will not hit your guests in the face (nose) as they walk through the front door.
  • Hear and taste–these senses will not really play an important part in your overall decorating process but they are important when you are entertaining so keep them in mind next time you are planning a get together, whether it be a large party or a just another couple who come by for pizza and poker.  I always light a scented candle in the bathroom and place it in the corner of the bathtub when I have friends over.  It not only smells good but adds a little glow that helps guests find the light switch and is very safe in the bathtub next to the tile surround.  (be sure to place the candle away from towels and shower curtains)
  • And last, but not least, is that all important sixth sense.   That feel you get when you walk into a room that something is just not right (“I see bad rooms”) or that same feeling you get when you enter a space that is juuuuust right.  Follow your instincts or hire a decorator, who has that sixth sense, to help you achieve that just right feel in your home.

You can utilize all of these senses when you are trying to determine what your rooms need to make it the home of your dreams.  How do you want your home to look and feel?  The answer could be something as simple as rearranging the furniture or “borrowing” artwork, accessories and small pieces of furniture from other rooms or it could require something bigger like the replacement of an old window with french doors that open the space to the outdoors or an entire kitchen or bath remodel.  Whatever the answer, once you have a plan you can begin to move forward with implementing that plan as time and budget allow.

Do you have a sixth sense when it comes to decorating your home?

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Nautical Nursery for our new grandson and cutest big sister ever!

ella in pink building sandcastles july 2014

My precious granddaughter enjoying a day at the beach

Our family is growing by leaps and bounds.  Our one grandchild very quickly grew to 5 due to the efforts of my two grown step-children.  We recently welcomed a new granddaughter to the bunch and a new grandson is scheduled to make an appearance within the next month.  That brings us to his nursery:

Our son and daughter-in-law live in a three bedroom home where the rooms are large but the bedrooms are rather small.  What was the office had to be turned into a nursery that could perform double duty as a guest room when visitors arrive.  In the before photos you will see a wall of built-ins in a deep mahogany finish, walls painted green and there were dark wooden blinds on the window.

The bedding our daughter-in-law chose (no longer available) was a bit Hampton’s Yacht Club i shades of deep red, navy blue and khaki so we chose that as the theme.  Step-by-step:

  • We removed the built-ins and had a closet created with some built-in shelves added to the side area
  • We painted the walls a soft bluish gray that was matched to the colors found in the bedding
  • We recycled our granddaughter’s crib and rocker and left the teeth marks as evidence of her two years spent in this crib.  (she is now in a big girl’s princess bed)
  • We hung white blinds that allow for light control but look better with the light wall color and white furniture
  • A valance from Pottery Barn Kids was strung onto a white rod fitted with rope finials
  • The existing trundle bed was left in the room but outfitted with a navy blue quilt and an assortment of colorful pillows.  Guests can sleep in this bed but, when not in use it provides a cozy spot for big sister to sit and read a book while baby brother is being fed etc.
  • We stocked the built-in shelves with affordable canvas baskets from Target and added chalkboard tags to identify the contents of each basket.  We also left room for some colorful toys and books and picture frames that can hold photos of the new baby and his family. A large metal basket easily slides under the shelves and holds packages of diapers.
  • A plush navy blue shag rug covers the wood floor and adds comfort and warmth underfoot for those late night feedings.
  • While there is recessed lighting in the ceiling, a torchiere with an attached reading lamp is easier on the eyes.
  • We painted an Ikea dresser and added glass knobs that look like fish bubbles.  A red metal tray placed on top keeps tissues, wipes and diapers within easy reach of the crib.

All of this resulted in this adorable nursery that should be perfect for him for at least a couple of years.  And then Grandma will have to redecorate (oh darn!)

The functional BEFORE

design baby nursery before window wall

design baby nursery before

The precious AFTER

design baby nursery for brendandesign baby nursery whole wall

design baby nursery bed wall light picNow all we have to do is meet him!  Hurry up Brendan!


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What I have learned to live without since downsizing

We are coming up on the two year anniversary of selling the large family home and moving back into our first home—a 2000 sq ft townhome that had been a rental for the past 15 years.  And boy I have learned some things!!!

  • My belongings sat in a Pod for six months and then most of them sat in the garage for another year and a half.  When we were finally able to tackle the garage I made it a point to glance into each and every box and if it was not something I had longed for during the remodel I gave it away.  I discovered that you do not need 7 or 8 sets of dishes–our days of large dinner parties have given way to quiet and intimate dinners and friendly card games with close friends.  Off they went to some lucky person perusing their local Amvets store.
  • As with all of our belongings, clothing comes in a close second.  Anything I needed had already been replaced so no need to even bother to look into the garment bags.  After all, who needs eight plastic boxes full of sweaters?  Off they went.  (I must admit I have wondered about a couple of favorites but I am sure I will find a new favorite this season)
  • Extra storage space is certainly a luxury and if I did not have to live without it I would choose not to.  However, since I lost 1500 sf of living and storage space in the downsize I have had to not only purge but also be creative with storage.  For example, all of my large kitchen appliances and extra sets of dishes (yes I did keep a few) have been placed in a storage shed in the garage that I lovingly call the dish library.  This also houses all of those decorative items like vases and seasonal “things”.
  • I only buy furniture items with drawers.  I think drawers are God’s gift to designers.  In my kitchen remodel I chose to have drawers over open cabinets in many instances.  Even if it just a simple little end table it must have a drawer.  My favorite purchase is this media unit from West Elm—drawer heaven!  It houses the TV and all the components in our very tiny family room and provides room for dinner napkins, games and plenty of toys in the lower drawer for our delicious granddaughter, Ella.

    Patchwork dresser from West Elm

    Patchwork dresser from West Elm

  • Most of all, I have learned to enjoy this passage in life, the simplicity of living in a smaller space and the realization that those who are important to you do not care how big or fancy your home is—home is where you are.  So hang those family photos, reposition that favorite chair that has been in every home you have owned and enjoy this next phase.
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Are you ready for hurricane season?

Let me begin by saying that it is not my intention with this post to make light of or lessen the seriousness of hurricane season, especially for those who have dealt with these weather monsters in the past.  That being said, my real intention is to talk about the decorative version of a hurricane:

Glass hurricane sleeves from Pottery Barn

Glass hurricane sleeves from Pottery Barn

A decorative hurricane is defined as a glass sleeve designed to hold a candle and prevent the wind from blowing out the flame.  I cannot find any reference as to why it is called a hurricane but it is certainly a handy decorative item to have in your home.

There are as many styles of hurricanes as there are females names for them.  You can choose a classic sleeve style like those shown in the photo above or you can find pierced metal styles for an ethnic look or a fun shape wrapped in rope, banded in metal or etched with a design.  Truly something for everyone.

This wooden base hurricane from Crate and Barrel will be right at home in a rustic setting

This wooden base hurricane from Crate and Barrel will be right at home in a rustic setting

A pierced sleeve, woven pattern or wavy glass as shown below will cast pretty shadows onto the wall or table surface.


Wavy glass and a pretty fluted design on this hurricane from Target

Wavy glass and a pretty fluted design on this hurricane from Target

And, while you can spend hundreds of dollars on beautiful and artistic hurricanes like this one from Neiman Marcus

A hurricane becomes a beautiful piece of art from Neiman Marcus

A hurricane becomes a beautiful piece of art from Neiman Marcus

there are many affordable options at large stores like Target, Walmart, Ikea and even the drugstore.  And don’t overlook the treasures to be had at your local thrift store.

Not only for candles, you can fill them with fruit, potpourri, a collection of wine corks or seasonal and/or holiday items.  A very subtle distinction can be made between a hurricane and a lantern….handles; but that may just be a matter of semantics.  So what is your favorite way to use hurricanes in your decor?

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Orange is the new black?

I am always a little slow on the uptake when it comes to what is “hot” these days on television.  I have my favorites and I rarely venture any further.  So when I kept hearing the phrase “orange is the new black” I was naturally intrigued since orange happens to be one of my favorite colors.  Imagine my naive surprise when I discovered that it is a show about a women’s prison and orange refers to the orange jumpsuits they are required to wear.  Silly me….I was hoping for a new and interesting decorating show!

While I am sure this show is very good, based on its current popularity, it is not my thing. But the color orange is!!

Orange Ikat chair via Eric Loechner and Design for Mankind

I am in love with the color and Otomi pattern on this chair via Eric Loechner and Design for Mankind

Orange is one of those colors that people either love or hate.  It can be mentally over-stimulating so is avoided in mental health units but can also stimulate appetites and therefore, is a popular color for use in restaurants.

Beautiful orange desk from Live Like you and Marmalade blog paired with turquoise and animal print...something for everyone!

Beautiful orange desk from Live Like you and Marmalade blog paired with turquoise and geometric print…something for everyone!

While I am not sure of the origin of the desk shown in the photo above, it looks like a fairly easy DIY project for those of you who have an old desk sitting around.  New brass hardware and a high shine coat of paint and you have an unexpected focal point for your home office.

When found in nature you can see how well the color works with all other colors—yellow and gold, any shade of blue and green, red and pink.  It is so versatile it could almost be considered a neutral!

Fall flowers courtesy of Slim Paley blog

Fall flowers courtesy of Slim Paley blog

And, of course, as the title says–a beautiful compliment to black, especially during the holidays.

A natural for the holidays DH Design

A natural for the holidays DH Design

But you might be asking how you can use orange in your home.  Well never fear–here are several suggestions:

  • While I am somewhat tired of this color combo, orange and turquoise remain very popular and is a slam dunk for those of you who want to liven up a beach house or child’s room.
  • Orange and pink spell preppy with a capital “P”.  So cute in a young girl’s bedroom.
  • Orange and brown is sophisticated and will warm up a masculine space such as a den or library
  • Orange and yellow is a bright and cheerful combo.
  • Depending on the shade of green you choose, you can transport yourself back to the days of the Brady Bunch with an orange and green color scheme.

How do you feel about the color orange?  Love it or hate it?

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