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Is it time to “Re” your home?

Well is it?  OK…I know you are confused and saying to yourself “What the hell does she mean by re?”  You know that I have uttered one of these words to most of you at some point—REmodel, REupholster,REpaint,REarrange.  Here is … Continue reading

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Wait for it…wait for it……completed kitchen remodel

Due to increased demand from my fans I am going to give you just a little peak at the completed kitchen.  Here you can see a glimpse of the granite countertop, glass encased cabinet and red leather barstool from Grandinroad. … Continue reading

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Shame on me, TLC’s “My First Home” and gratuitous cute baby pics

As a professional blogger I always tell my clients that, for best results they should post often and on a schedule.  Well, the cobbler’s kids  have no shoes syndrome has taken over here but for good reason.  I am in … Continue reading

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Aaaaaaaaand….we have cabinets!

The upper cabinets were installed today, drawers were set in place and doors were added to the lower cabinets, all resulting in a set of kitchen cabinets that are, as my late mother would say “to die for”. As you … Continue reading

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Kitchen remodel: I know I am no cook but this is ridiculous!

OK, I admit it.  I cant cook worth a darn but who could in this kitchen?  But since I am choosing to look at all the positives I will rejoice in the fact that my kitchen actually has something that … Continue reading

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Intro to the remodel NOT from hell

Join us on what we hope is not the remodel from hell.  But let’s start at the beginning: We just sold our beloved home of 15 years where we hosted dozens of birthday, engagement and just to get together parties, graduation … Continue reading

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