Ten things that made me happy in September

  1. Our daughter and son-in-law have moved back to San Diego and will be staying with us while they search for a new home.  It is a crowded and busy household now but, as every parent knows, there is nothing nicer than going to bed at night knowing your kids are safe and sound asleep downstairs, regardless of how old they are!
  2. The SD Chargers continue to lose their games in very typical Charger fashion, last minute and due to their own bad play.  It is so hard to cheer for a different team and especially to root against my beloved Chargers and Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates etc. But what I do not want is for one more $ to go into Mr. Spanos’ pocket as repayment for his heinous treatment of the San Diego fans.  Be careful what you ask for Mr. Spanos!  And I am not alone in this feeling…check out this restaurant that is giving away free tacos for every Charger loss-https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/san-diego-restaurant-celebrates-chargers-losses-with-free-tacos/?linkId=42400184
  3. Visiting with old friends who are in town and enjoying dinner every night in a different spot.  Lots of laughter and reminiscing.  When I was a girl scount/brownie I learned a song that has stuck with me throughout the decades-“Make new friends but keep the old, some are silver while the other’s gold” and I remember that song whenever we are with friends…one of life’s greatest gifts.
  4. A little afternoon delight–in the form of a weekday movie.  One of the best parts of being semi-retired is being able to go to a movie in the middle of the week and in the middle of the afternoon.  And we feel even luckier because we attend movies in an old-fashioned little theater in the middle of Coronado–no lines, no noisy people, no teenagers!!  There are some pluses to aging!
  5. I can’t go a month without mentioning how happy I am when I am spending time with these goofballs.  They make me laugh and giggle and they make me very tired!  But they fill my heart up with so much love.ella and brendan at brandis wedding 2017
  6. https://yourcountdown.to/christmas-eve
  7. The smell of autumn in the air.  Yes, even in San Diego we have changing seasons, subtle, but changing.  Crisp mornings and warm (ok-hot) days are the norm for this time of year but occasionally we have an opportunity to put on a sweater and I even wore some ankle boots the other night!
  8. New home decor trends start popping up this time of year, right after the Fall market takes place in Highpoint, North Carolina and I am always anxious to see what is new.  Designers also eagerly await the announcement of the colors of the year and Sherwin Williams  and Benjamin Moore have both announced their color of the year which, interestingly enough, are complete opposites! Pantone will announce theirs in early December and their choice is really the deciding factor in what you will be seeing in the upcoming year as far as color goes.  Gold metal has also been popular for a couple of years and I know I have added some of this warm metal to my own decor in the form of accent tables and picture frames.  I love a funky chair in the room and I think this gorgeous chair from Currey and Company! fits the funky bill!gold chair from currey and company
  9. Does this put you in the mood for a fun Halloween?  Now that my daughter is all grown up, Halloween does not hold the same appeal.  However, I am beginning to enjoy it once again with my grand munchkins and this colorful pumpkin mantel would certainly set a party loving mood.


  10. The fact that I forgot to post this and now I can’t remember a tenth thing that made me happy makes me unhappy but, oh well.  Here is my list.  What made you happy in September?

About hayniedi

What about me? In a nutshell I am a middle-aged interior designer and freelance writer, mother of an amazing 27 year old daughter, wife to my semi-retired lawyer husband and step-grandma to two delicious babies. From my earliest memories I have been fascinated with interior decorating and love to share my passion for beautiful rooms with anyone who will listen. Join me on this blog as my husband and I enter our empty nest years and move back into the first home we bought when we were first married that has been a rental for the past 15 years. I will share our experience with remodeling as well as other ideas and thoughts that I hope will inspire you.
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