Ten things that made me happy in December

cute chunky smiley face snowflake

cute chunky smiley face snowflake

  • Falling snow will always make me happy.  I love nothing better than to stand in a quiet spot on the mountain and simply listen to the sound the snow makes when it hits the trees and the ground.  Heaven!  Click on this link and experience the sound and sight of falling snow for yourself.
  • The announcement of this year’s Color of the Year by Pantone–Greenery.  I love this shade of green and am way ahead of the game as I recovered the bench at the foot of my bed in this color green velvet  3 years ago.  You will be seeing a lot of this color in the next year and don’t be afraid to introduce a touch of it into your own home.  It pairs beautifully with almost any color and will add a bright spot to your existing decor.design-color-of-the-year-2017-greenery-pantone-15-0343
  • A successful real estate staging project.  Statistics prove out that a home properly staged sells quicker and often for more $ than a home that is empty or full of the owner’s belongings.  In support of this statistic, my most recent staging project sold in less than 24 hours for a full price cash offering and a short 15 day escrow!  How do I know staging was a factor?  Because the new buyer asked to purchase several items.
  • New holiday traditions.  Admittedly, it has taken me a couple of years to accept and adjust to the fact that my beloved Christmas traditions were being replaced.  But with the recent wedding of my daughter coupled with her crazy work travel schedule, Christmas was spent away from our home and at her place in the SF Bay area this year.  We didn’t even put up a tree for the first time in my entire life!  Still adjusting…..but how proud I was of my daughter and the attention she gives to the holiday and establishing her own traditions.
  • Holiday movies every single day and night on the Hallmark channel.  I could watch them over and over, and did.  And for some reason, the main female character in several of these movies is an interior decorator.  I wonder why?
  • The faces of little children during this magical time is enough to make anyone happy, including me.  How I love their little pre-school holiday recitals, dance class gift exchanges and the look of delight when experiencing their very first performance of “The Nutcracker”, as my 4 year old granddaughter did this year.  And is there anything more delicious than kids in Christmas jammies?  I think not!ella-and-brendan-in-xmas-jammies-2016
  • Having my daughter home for a couple of days during the month made this lonely mom very happy.  She flew down for her company Christmas party and stayed to work in the local office for a few days.  How I loved waking up in the morning and having her under my roof!!
  • Relaxing time with friends.  For some reason the holiday season makes everyone feel just a bit more sociable.  Casual card games, easy dinner parties and long lunches were part of our holiday festivities and I loved every minute of it.
  • The Holiday Bowl is a tradition that makes me happy.  We have attended every single game since 1986 and while our tail-gating has changed a bit over the years we both still enjoy the game and the pomp and circumstance and, most especially, the military presence in the form of the Leap Frogs and, if lucky, an F-18 flyby!
  • In a strange sort of way the end of the football season makes me happy this year.  I am a huge Charger fan so was glad to see a torturous season come to an end.  Who knows where they will be next year but not having to listen to the owner’s rhetoric anymore will also make me very happy!

What made you happy in December of 2016?

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What about me? In a nutshell I am a middle-aged interior designer and freelance writer, mother of an amazing 27 year old daughter, wife to my semi-retired lawyer husband and step-grandma to two delicious babies. From my earliest memories I have been fascinated with interior decorating and love to share my passion for beautiful rooms with anyone who will listen. Join me on this blog as my husband and I enter our empty nest years and move back into the first home we bought when we were first married that has been a rental for the past 15 years. I will share our experience with remodeling as well as other ideas and thoughts that I hope will inspire you.
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1 Response to Ten things that made me happy in December

  1. lulu says:

    Yes, it seems you have much about which to be happy. As for me, I’m happy that December has come and gone and to begin a new year full of hope.


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