Acrylic by any other name is–

Acrylic, also referred to as a Lucite or plexiglass or,for those not in the know, just plain clear plastic, has long been a favorite of mine.  I don’t know what it is about this translucent material but I love the simplicity and cleanliness of it for the same reasons I love the clarity of a beautiful emerald cut diamond or clear crystal quartz or round glass balls.  And the apple does not fall far from the tree as my daughter chose to use acrylic accents at her recent wedding selecting, for example, this clear acrylic ring box over the more typical ring pillow.  She also used a pair of ghost chairs at the sweetheart table that she can use in her own dining room after the wedding, a clear acrylic box to collect cards and the pen used to sign the guest book sat in a clear acrylic base.  All of the centerpieces sat in clear glass bowls to continue the “clear” theme.

design acrylic wedding ring box

Acrylic ring box via

Along with the iconic Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck, today’s manufacturers are providing many beautiful pieces that will be right at home in any contemporary setting but also add an unexpected touch to other interior design styles.  And, like glass furniture, acrylic is the perfect choice for small spaces as it takes up very little visual space.  One visit to Viyet and you will be rewarded with a smorgasbord of acrylic furniture designs from chairs to end tables to benches and even a bookshelf made entirely of lucite.

A newfound favorite of mine is this end table from Pottery Barn.  For those who think acrylic might be a tad too contemporary for their home, this mix of aged bronze and acrylic is the perfect choice.  Loving this!

design end table fro pottery barn barton c table

Barton table from Pottery Barn

And for those who want to instill a sense of sophisticated design in their newborn family members, Pottery Barn is offering an amazing crib with lucite panels that is somehow more appealing than the standard “jailhouse” bars that appear on most cribs.  I think I need to hurry my daughter up on grandbabies so I can use this crib!

design acrylic crib from pottery barn

Acrylic crib from Pottery Barn Kids

An acrylic dinette allows the magnificent view to take center stage in this apartment kitchen.  A wooden table and chairs would make the already small space seem cramped and also block the view.

Luxury High-Rise Apartment by Gallery315 Home


How do you feel about acrylic furniture and accessories?  Is it something you use in your home?

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