Ten things that made me happy in July

happy face american flag from floozeesdoozeesdotcom

from floozeesdoozees.com

  1.  New furniture.  Some people get excited about a new car or a new house or a new pair of shoes but I get particularly excited about new furniture.  I recently purchased this very affordable end table for my living room and it made me very happy to place it in my home.   On a side note, a well put together home includes items from different sources, in varying styles and at different price points.  As with all design, if it works for you and your family, then it works, regardless of what “experts” may tell you!
    west elm side table

    Maisie end table from West Elm

    2.  Fourth of July parties.  Warm sun, cold drinks, funny friends, fireworks from the deck and beautiful surroundings are the perfect recipe for an ideal 4th of July celebration and we had all of these.  And, of course, these munchkinsella and brendan on 4th of july 2016 cute

  2. Christmas in July.  Don’t get me wrong…I am so NOT ready for the holidays.  But I do love movies that feature plenty of colored lights and lots of snow and pretty sweaters any time of the year and the Hallmark channel provides that during their Christmas in July period where holiday movies run all day and night.  Heaven, I’m in heaven….(as the song goes)
  3. This new site!!  https://www.fractureme.com/  Loving this idea as an alternative to turning photos into canvas although my framer is not going to be too happy with me!
  4. Road trips.  Always a happy moment for me, this month we headed north to Harris Ranch in central California.  It is like a little oasis stuck out in the middle of nowhere and it was so relaxing and peaceful and quiet and hot!  We met up with my favorite grandbabies on their way home from vacation in Washington and it was so good to see their goofy little faces.
  5. The sound of fireworks every night.  It is my own personal alarm clock telling me it is 10:00 as that is when nearby Sea World sets off their nightly extravaganza and I love it.  Only thing better would be to be able to see these fireworks every night but my house faces in the opposite direction!
  6. I am not going to make it to ten this month as we experienced a medical emergency in our family and my husband underwent emergency heart valve transplant surgery.  So I will say that what makes me happier than anything on earth at this very moment is medical technology and amazingly smart doctors and nurses who save people’s lives every single day.  Without them I would be writing a very different post!

What made you happy in July?

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