Easy summer decorating ideas

Beach Style Bedroom

                                        Photo by Discover beach style bedroom design inspiration


Summer officially arrived on Monday, June 20th.  I can hear the screen doors slamming as we speak and feel the afternoon breezes and I delight in the squeals of kids playing in the pool.  So let the good times roll!

Follow these easy suggestions to turn your home into a relaxing retreat that can be enjoyed all summer long. To begin, take a good look at your living spaces and remove anything that appears too heavy or visually warm. This includes items like your rugs, hanging window treatments, accent pillows, accessories and your artwork.  Now let the decorating begin:

    • Rugs.  Rugs are easy to remove and/or replace.  Roll up those heavyily patterned wool rugs and replace them with a rug woven of natural materials like sisal or jute.  Or step out of your box and layer these over other rugs you may have for a true designer look.  Outdoor rugs are also a nice option to use indoors to eliminate any worry about dirt and sand being tracked in from active kids.
    • Window treatments.  Nothing says summer like a pair of sheer curtains blowing in the wind.  If your draperies are easily removable, replace them with something that is light and airy and you can even get creative with drapery tiebacks.  Or hang woven shades that can help keep out the sun and heat but look more casual than draperies.
    • Accessories.  Easiest way to introduce summer is through your accessories.  A bowl of collected seashells, a driftwood lamp base, a woven lamp shade or baskets in place of trays to catch everyday items like glasses and keys, will all add a casual look to your decor.  Don’t forget a lightweight throw for those chilly nights or air conditioned days.
    • Artwork.  Store dark and moody artwork in the garage for now and replace with affordable prints of your favorite summer scenes.  This might include a poster of your favorite vacation spot or a painting of a summer landscape or even your kid’s artwork from camp.  And family photos are the very best artwork there is so frame old vacation photos in white frames and mats and create a fun gallery wall that will be the focal point of your home all summer long.  Notice the colorful and fun artwork in this beach house.
Dining + Living
                                   Photo by Rethink Design Studio 
  • The bedroom.  Don’t overlook the bedroom when it is time to summerize your home.  Remove all that heavy bedding and obtrusive pillows and replace them with a lightweight white comforter and sheets.  Just for fun, purchase a couple of those clear glass lamps that you can fill and then fill them with seashells, a piece of coral, chunks of seaglass or a bunch of old vacation photos.   I prefer a serene bedroom so shades of sand beige and white are most appealing to me.  But for those who must have color in their bedroom, opt for seafoam green or soft coral or shades of blue for your summer look.

    design lamp fillable lamp from lamps plus

    Fillable lamp base from Lamps Plus

  • Pillows.  One of the easiest ways to change the look of your home any time of the year is by switching out your accent pillows.  The stores are full of affordable options in lightweight fabrics and summer colors for any design.  Opt for a patriotic red, white and blue combo or a mix of neutrals for a soothing and calming look.  Toss in a summer motif like this bicycle pillow from Pier 1 for fun and you are all set for the season.

    design summer theme pillow from pier 1

    Bicycle pillow from Pier1

  • Throughout the house.  A bowl of fresh, seasonal fruit in the kitchen is a must.  A bouquet of fresh flowers in the bathroom is a must.  For summer night entertaining, a fireplace full of mini lights or a grouping of candles is a must.
  • Don’t forget the outdoors.  Your outdoor living spaces are just as important, maybe even more so this time of year, as the interior of your home.  Ideally the color scheme coordinates or complements your interior color scheme.  Add colorful pillows on the furniture, a rug that will protect your feet from the hot surface, accent lighting and fun accessories and get ready to be comfortable on those hot summer days or balmy summer evenings.

    design summer decor iron pelican from pier 1.jpg

    Whimsical accessories like this iron pelican from Pier 1 up the fun factor in summer decor

What are your favorite ways to decorate for summer?

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