10 things that made me happy in December

from antennaballstore.com

from antennaballstore.com


December is one of those months where you just expect it to be filled with nothing but happy days.  Well if you are six years old that is probably true but we, as adults, have come to know that often times you have to search for something that made a day “happy”.  Fortunately for me, that was not difficult as this was a good month.

  1. The Coronado Christmas parade. Few things are better than a small hometown parade with bicycles decorated with lights, police cars and fire engines as the main attraction.  The streets were closed off and stores were giving away cookies and hot chocolate and two of my besties and I sat on the center grass median and sipped chardonnay and talked the night away.  A perfect holiday evening.
  2. Gloomy rainy days.  We do not get many of these in San Diego so when they come, especially during the holidays, everyone puts on their uggs and thick sweaters and fixes a pot of chili.  Mind you the temp is only 64 degrees but it sure feels cold to us!
  3. Taking my scrumpdillyicious granddaughter to see Traditions of Christmas, a local holiday variety show of sorts that was a family tradition when our own kids were young.  To see her eyes light up and to watch her sit enraptured is worth more money than I could ever have…best present ever!ella jen and I at traditions of christmas 2014
  4. Quiet evenings spent with friends.  We had our share of many years of black tie events and a December calendar stuffed to the gills but find we now prefer to spend our time in a casual environment with good friends.  There is still no shortage of good food, fine wine and good entertainment…we just make it all ourselves instead of paying big bucks to attend a corporate or political event.
  5. Navy’s football team coming to San Diego to play in the Poinsettia bowl.  As I have mentioned often on this blog, my father was a career naval officer so it is in my blood.  My most fervent wish would be that he is here to share the excitement but I am sure he is watching.  And what a nail biter it was!
  6. Participating in my grown kid’s own holiday traditions that they are creating for their own young families.  At first it seems sad to let go of our traditions but there is something so rewarding, not to mention stress free, about spending Christmas in someone’s else’s home.  One of the newfound joys of empty nesting.
  7. Receiving boxes of homemade cookies from my very talented friends who are great cooks.  This is one tradition I love and am glad many of our friends continue to deliver their homemade goodies in pretty containers.  And so is Rick!!
  8. Quiet days spent with my husband.  Another one of the joys of empty nesting, once you get used to it, is learning to enjoy the peace and quiet and the freedom to drop everything and head to the gym, go to an afternoon movie or just run errands with each other.  It helps that we like each other!
  9. Babies in holiday sweaters…..
    my three month old grandson

    my three month old grandson

    Need I say more?

  10. Snow in the local mountains.  The temps have dropped quite a bit and we rang in the new year with very cold temperatures that brought snow to San Diego County.  Ski season here we come!

What made you happy in December?

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1 Response to 10 things that made me happy in December

  1. Design Chic says:

    I loved December – like you, my favorite part was spending the holidays with my family and seeing my precious 3 year old grandson enjoy Christmas!


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