10 things that made me happy in September





I stole this idea from Domino magazine and I love it!  Spend some time thinking of ten things that made you happy this past month.  While it may take some time, it is much better than spending time complaining about the middle east situation, your neighbors dog, the cost of gas, difficult step-daughters or the incessant heat.  So here goes:

  1. The obvious number one thing that made me happy was the birth of our grandson, Brendan Roger Haynie.  While he arrived a bit early he was healthy and everyone is doing fine.
  2. Which leads me into number two which is the time I was able to spend with his big sister, our scrumptious 2 1/2 year old granddaughter Ella Bella.  While exhausting, life through the eyes of a two year old is pretty amazing!

    Granddaughter Ella with her Auntie Jenna  (our daughter) being silly

    Her first selfie!  Granddaughter Ella with her Auntie Jenna (our daughter) being silly

  3. Charger wins!  As any Charger fan knows, it is always a nail-biter but we are on our way!
  4. Saturdays spent with my daughter.  She was gone for two weeks in September for work so what made me happy was her return and a fun Saturday spent shopping, manicures and chicken salad sandwiches at Boudins in Fashion Valley.
  5. I know it is early but hearing Bing Crosby sing “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas” as advertisement for Hallmark Channel’s upcoming month of holiday movies always makes me happy.
  6. Lunch at Costco in the middle of the week with my husband. Semi-retirement does strange things to you like enjoying spending LOTS of time with your spouse, but I say nothing beats Costco hotdogs, pizza and a swirl yogurt before shopping for t-paper and cereal.
  7. Emails from my aunts in Texas and Florida.  With both of my parents gone it helps me realize that I am not really an orphan, rather that I have extended family that I love and miss.
  8. A new design staging job (will share before and afters soon) that allowed me to spend some time near the beach.  Just the smell is relaxing.  And how fun to decorate in a crisp, contemporary style that I do not get a lot of opportunity to do.  Anyone looking to buy a beach house in San Diego?
  9. Orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream all mixed together in one carton. Tastes like those creamsicles you used to get from the ice cream truck when you were a kid.  What ever happened to the ice cream man?  I have such fond memories of hanging on the fence with my nickel clutched in my hand and trying to time it to run out just in time to catch him before he drove past our house.
  10. Air conditioning!  San Diego had one of the hottest months in history and boy am I glad we installed central air in the spring!  I wanted to do the master bath but am so glad we put that off until next summer.  And we learned that having air conditioning sure makes you popular.

So tell me—what made you happy in September?

About hayniedi

What about me? In a nutshell I am a middle-aged interior designer and freelance writer, mother of an amazing 27 year old daughter, wife to my semi-retired lawyer husband and step-grandma to two delicious babies. From my earliest memories I have been fascinated with interior decorating and love to share my passion for beautiful rooms with anyone who will listen. Join me on this blog as my husband and I enter our empty nest years and move back into the first home we bought when we were first married that has been a rental for the past 15 years. I will share our experience with remodeling as well as other ideas and thoughts that I hope will inspire you.
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