Day 5 of my week as a reality TV star


Take one!

Take one!

Thursday was a day off for the crew (union rules I guess) so we resumed filming today.   The best part of this whole process is learning how a television show is made and I must say that for 22 minutes of air time we have already filmed for 4 straight days and have two days to go and that doesn’t even include post-production activities like editing.  Are you impressed with the lingo yet?

Today we filmed all the lead-in to Kate (my friend buying the house and the REAL star of the show) house that she has been living in since June but we pretended today that it was the first time she was seeing it.  They even go to the trouble of moving out all her furniture and bringing in the original inspector to “inspect” the house once again.  I did get to play decorator today and I enjoyed that…never at a loss for words when someone asks me what can be done to a room! Good news is that we are taking fewer and fewer “takes” (more of that show biz lingo) to complete our scenes.  A full day of this and I realized when I got home and my feet were aching that I had not actually sat down since 8:00 a.m. this morning!  These guys really do work hard!  Does that mean that movie stars actually earn those exoribitant salaries?  Probably not but they sure work hard and I now understand why they always thank the crew.  Our guys are so patient, talented and wonderful and have made this whole experience such a positive one……especially for a camera shy and “behind the scenes” kind of girl like me.

Another full day tomorrow with two wardrobe changes.  We get to visit actual homes and condos that Kate finds totally unacceptable in the whole house-hunting process.  You know, me, any time I can take a look inside a home I am game!  Someone did, however, point out today that we share a network with Honey BooBoo and Hoarders.  Not sure how happy I am about that but will just assume that we are a diamond among the rough.  But it does explain their attempt to get some “dirt” on us i.e. a fight, name-calling, anger, frustration etc.

I am sad to say that tomorrow is my last day but I am so anxious to see the final result.  Chances are very good that all my scenes will end up on the cutting room floor but I am OK with that….just happy to have had this once in a lifetime experience!  The show should air sometime in March and you are all invited to the viewing party….just as long as there is room for my big head at that party!  See you there!


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What about me? In a nutshell I am a middle-aged interior designer and freelance writer, mother of an amazing 27 year old daughter, wife to my semi-retired lawyer husband and step-grandma to two delicious babies. From my earliest memories I have been fascinated with interior decorating and love to share my passion for beautiful rooms with anyone who will listen. Join me on this blog as my husband and I enter our empty nest years and move back into the first home we bought when we were first married that has been a rental for the past 15 years. I will share our experience with remodeling as well as other ideas and thoughts that I hope will inspire you.
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2 Responses to Day 5 of my week as a reality TV star

  1. How fun for you! Sounds like you has a great time.

    I was just an eentsy bit disappointed, crushed, aghast …oh maybe slightly surprised is more reasonable 🙂 … to find out that the home buyers already lived in their homes and the other comparables were staged. So now we try to figure out which is their house already based on reactions.

    It’s always fun to look at houses and dream a little. 🙂


    • hayniedi says:

      Hi Karen..thanks for stopping by and, yes, discovering how “reality tv” really works is one more bubble burst but fun nevertheless. The editing will really tell the story and, of course we have no control over that. I can’t wait until it airs (sometime in April) In the meantime it is back to my own reality.


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